Henry Dunay Sautoir

Gold, Coral and Cultured Pearl “Marrakech” Sautoir by Henry Dunay

An 18k gold hefty rope twist chain supports a tassel composed of a carved coral and an off-round cultured pearl in this exotic and stunning sautoir. The attachment to the tassel has a delicate brushed appearance that comes from the technique called “Sabi”, pioneered by Henry Dunay, that uses finely etched lines requiring remarkable precision. The pearl has silvery-white and soft rose overtones. The coral is a medium deep slightly reddish orange. The chain is 24 inches long. The drop measures 4.5 inches in length. The piece weighs a very generous 158 grams. Signed, Dunay, with makers’ mark. Numbered C9113.

About the designer:

Henry Dunay is an American goldsmith and jewelry designer best known for his fine scratched surface technique known as “Sabi’. Winning the De Beers Diamond International Award began Dunay’s glory years when his designs received worldwide acclaim. Jewelry connoisseurs were drawn to the unique style, sensuous curves, and exceptional craftsmanship of his pieces. Inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic, which embraces asymmetry, simplicity and the integrity of natural processes and objects, he created ‘Sabi’. The creation of this technique that used finely etched lines to produce a brushed sophisticated look solidified Dunay’s position as a leading artist and trendsetter in the world of fine jewelry.