Alex Soldier Handmade Rose-Colored Snail Earrings


Known for their elaborate metalwork and exceptional craftsmanship, Alex Soldier’s creations blur the line between high jewelry and fine art. Treating each of his pieces as miniature sculptures, his inventive use of textured metals and meticulous gem placement reflect his aesthetic depth and technical expertise. These pink-hued snail earrings are one of the brand’s signature designs.

  • 1.0 inches long by .87 inches wide
  • Pink sapphire: 84 stones, total carat weight 5 carats
  • Pink tourmaline: 70 stones, total carat weight 4.5 carats
  • White diamonds: 58 stones, total carat weight 0.3 carats
  • Garnet: 2 stones, total carat weight 0.24 carats
  • Handmade in New York City